Title image: Q & A's About Skin Care

Q & A's About Skin Care

How often should I get a facial?

As seasons change, during hormonal changes, or more frequently if you have troubled skin. Once a month is highly beneficial for all skin types but can administered as often as weekly without damaging the skin.  Alternative treatments such as peels and microdermabrasion can be administered as often as two, three and four weeks apart (depending on what we are treating).

Which Facial is best for me?

Sensitive?  Aging?  Acne?   A consultation with a licensed aesthetician is highly recommended, particularly if you have problem skin or if you have concerns and goals for your skin. With many different skin types and several different options - it is important to discuss your goals.  Book a free consultation with one of our experienced aestheticians and let us begin a treatment plan that is best for your skin type.

chemical Peels or Microdermabrasion?

MICRODERMABRASION or CHEMICAL PEEL cannot work wonders in just ONE treatment.  For best results, a series of treatments is highly recommended. Exfoliation and cell turnover is important for the skin for several reasons. As we age our skin becomes sluggish and slows down cell turnover.   CHEMICAL PEEL solutions incorporate active / acid and botanical ingredients that dissolves surface build-up that causes the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles and build up that causes acne/clogged pores.  Ingredients also penetrate the skin at the cellular level to lift and lighten hyperpigmentatio; stimulate collagen production; hydrate the skin and/or inhibit oil production.  MICRODERMABRASION is a mechanical form of exfoliation that gently exfoliates the outermost layer of skin using suction and aluminum oxide crystals to break up the outermost layer of the skin that causes the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles and effectively treats mild acne/breakout prone skin. The effects are immediate and the skin continues to glow as the cells rejuvenate new, youthful skin within the next 10 days of a treatment.  Combining peels with microdermabrasion offers a more effective and advanced facial treatment.

what is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a form of manual exfoliationg.  Unlike microdermabrasion that uses suction and abrasive crystals to exfoliate the skin, dermaplaning uses a sterile (one time use) blade to stroke along the skin to gently "shave off" dead skin cells.  Dermaplaning also termporarily removes the fine "peach fuzz" hair, leaving a very smooth surface.  As with all exfoliating treatments, dermaplaning allows the professional treatment products to work more effectively and deeper into the skin; reduces the appearance of fine lines; events skin tone and assists in reducinng minor breakouts associated with clogged pores.  Dermaplaning is the perfect alternative for clients that have couperose (tiny broken blood vessels near the surface of the skin) and cannot tolerate the suction from microdermabrasion treatments.

Can sensitive skin types get facials or peels?

YES!! Not all products can effectively treat the most sensitive skin types however, the skincare line we carry treats Rosacea or Sensitive Skin to calm, hydrate and reduce visible redness with no down time or discomfort.  Sensitivity is often caused by products that strip the skin of its natural protective barrier.  Allow our aestheticians to discuss your sensitivities and recommend home care and facials that will best meet the needs of your skin type.

WhicH treatment is best for acne or break out prone skin?

We have several treatments that will effectively treat all grades of acne - from mild to severe. Depending on the sensitivity level - a series of chemical peels are highly recommended for all grades of acne. Chemical peels penetrate deep enough to kill bacteria and eliminate oil production that caused blemishes along with our recommendations for home care. Peels for acne are treated every two weeks for approximately 6-8 treatments (depending on the grade of acne).  Other treatments such as our BLEMISH CONTROL OXYGEN FACIAL,  ACNE CLARIFYING FACIAL, MICRO-OXY FACIAL and PUMPKIN ENZYME FACIAL effectively treat acne/break out prone skin. The combination of treatments offer effective results for acne/break out prone skin.

can i get a facial while i'm pregnant?

Of course!  At NEVA, we offer specialty Momease Massage and Skincare using ingredient safe products for both massage and skincare from PCA Skin and Mama Mio Skincare.  Hormonal breakouts, Melasma (Pregnancy Mask) and other sensitivities often occur during and after pregnancy.  We offer several different skincare treatments and retail products to safely treat your hormonal skin during this nine month stretch.  Products with ingredients high in content with Salicylic Acid, Retinols and Benzoyl Peroxide is not recommended during pregnancy and/or lactation.  

What products do i need to use?

70% of good skin is based on your home care routine and products.  As with any product line, you get maximum results when you are using "like ingredients" while undergoing facials or chemical peels treatments. We recommend the use of pharmeceutical grade products both pre and post treatments for best results and to avoid complications.  There are many OTC (over the counter) products that are effective, however, PCA Products and professional treatments are considered pharmeceutical grade due to the percentage of the active ingredients that OTC products cannot offer.

why do I need to wear sunscreen?

Everyone should use SPF everyday! Walking to and from your car throughout each day as well as fluorescent and ambient lighting exposes the skin to UV rays. Over time, this will cause uneven skin tone and evidence of fine lines and wrinkles. Protect yourself everyday especially after facials, peels and microdermabrasion treatments.

What can I do to correct signs of aging?

Again, home care is very important...75% of skincare is a result of what products you are using daily at home.  Retinol, Lactice Acid, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acids are amazing and highly effective ingredients for aging skin.  All and more of these ingredients are found in our PCA PRODUCT LINE and PROFESSIONAL TREATMENTS at the spa.  Facial treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, oxygenating facial and our signature anti-age facials all offer visible results.