Title image: Spa Etiquette & Cxl Policy

Spa Etiquette & Cxl Policy


There are several ways to book your appointment, On-Line or by Telephone.  Both will require a credit card or Gift Certificate number to book and hold the time you are requesting for your appointment(s).  We accept all major credit cards.  SPA FINDER, SPA WISH, WAY SPA and SPA WELLNESS gift cards are redeemable for services only.


Sometimes unexpected things happen and is sometimes impossible to keep an appointment. If you must cancel or reschedule, a 24 hour notice is required when booking on-line, in person and/or over the phone. Failure to do so within the 24 hour period will result in a fee up to 50% of the cost of your booked treatment with a credit card on file.  Any cancellation with less than 4 hours notice will incur a  75% cancellation fee and a 100% full charge will be imposed for a "no show".  Gift Certificates, Spa Finder, Spa Wish or Spa Wellness Gift cards being used to book appointments will be 100% forfeited if failure to give a 24 hrs notice to cancel.  By giving 24 hours notice the spa is often able to rebook the appointment.  GROUPS booking 6 hours or more are required 48 hours notice to cancel.  Online bookings agree to cancelation and return policy. A credit card is required at the time of booking ALL appointments (whether online or over the phone.)  By agreeing to book and give credit card information, you agree to the cancellation policy and any charges they may incur if failure to give notice or "no show" to a scheduled appointment.


We make it easy for you to purchase gift certificates on-line for that special someone or special event!  A cancellation policy applies to appointments made with all gift certificates including SPA FINDER, SPA WISH, WAY SPA and SPA WELLNESS gift cards - 24 hours notice to cancel and/or reschedule is required.  Failure to do so will forfeit the entire amount of the gift card/certificate .  NEVA face+body Gift Certificates / Gift Cards are valid for up to 6 months after date of purchase.  Expired NEVA f+b gift cards will be honored up to 30 days after expiration date at 50% of the amount of the certificate.  When booking, the gift card will need to cover the amount of services booked and/or a credit card will also be accepted.  Please have your gift number ready when booking your spa day and available at check out.


Unopened products can be returned within 10 days and can be exchanged with other products are given a credit to the spa for future use.  Opened products cannot be returned or given spa credit.  NEVA Gift Certificates/Cards/Series cannot be returned but are able to be transferred to another person.  Return policy applies to online purchases.


Ideally, arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out and/or update information before your service. If you are late, your treatment time will be accomodated with the remaining time available. The price will not be lowered due to tardiness on your part.  Treatments such as Microneedling and Microblading are required to show up on time and no later than 15 minutes.  Failure to show up on time for these particular treatments will be rescheduled and charged 50% of full priced service with credit card on file.  No exceptions.

Medical conditions

If you have any type of medical condition, be sure to mention it when you book an appointment. Certain facial and spa treatments may not be advisable for you if you have allergies to aspirin (salicylic acid).  Certain topical skin medications may cause complications during waxing, chemical peels or microdermabrasion treatments - please notify your aesthetician of these medications.  If you wear contact lenses, we advise they be removed for all spa treatments.


If you prefer a male or female therapist, but the spa fails to ask, don't hesitate to let your choice be known. Also, if you have enjoyed the services of a particular therapist on a prior visit, feel free to request that person and we will do our best to accommodate.

Cell phones

Other spa goers will appreciate you TURNING OFF or SILENCING your cell phone before entering the spa treatment areas.


Gratuity is not included in any of the fees.  15-20 % is customary, but you may, of course, leave more depending on the quality of the service.  If you receive multiple services from different therapists - you can designate the amounts when you pay out.

Eating and drinking

Try not to eat for at least an hour before a massage and avoid the consumption of alcohol on the day of a treatment. Drink plenty of water before and afterward spa treatments!


A spa is a great place to get a little alone time, so it's best not to bring children under 16. If children are with you, be attentive to their safety as well as their impact on the comfort and relaxation of others.