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San Antonio Eyelash Extensions


NOVALASH EYELASH EXTENSIONS is the safest and most natural looking lash extensions available.  We chose Novalash because of their adhesive - it is the most bonding and is pharmaceutical grade that will not ruin your natural lashes. Novalash Extensions are individually placed (one by one) on each of your natural lashes until you have a full, beautiful set. Throw out that mascara and those dangerous lash curlers! Your lashes will look naturally long, black (as if you are wearing mascara) and naturally curled.  Lashes are applied to the TOP LASHES ONLY.

MASTER TECH:  {With NEVA} Initial Set (1.5 hours): $250    

MASTER TECH:  {With NEVA} Refills within 4 weeks: 1 hr - $83*

*After 4 wks:  Additional $25+

Corrective Refills (1 hour):  Starting at $150 with MASTER TECH {With NEVA} As the name suggests, this refill is done when you have your lashes applied by another lash professional and applied improperly and in need of "correction" which includes removal of many lashes and re-application.  This rate also reflects lashes that are in poor condition due to extra wear and tear or refills over the recommended 4 week period.  Rates will vary depending on the condition.   *Dependant on condition of lashes - price may increase.


Amazing results and if you already have long thick lashes, an alternative to lash extensions.  Lifts short straight lashes and last up 5-6 weeks.


Safe and pain free lash tinting for light blond lashes.

Prices and service may change at any time without notice.